Save on your cell phone bill with Twigby (plus get 25% off your first 6 months of service!)

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Are you looking for ways to save on your cell phone bill each month? If so, you might want to consider switching to Twigby — a company dedicated to providing fantastic phone service at great prices!

If you’re looking for inexpensive cell phone and service options, I’d highly recommend checking out what Twigby has to offer.

They make it really easy for your whole family to quickly and seamlessly make the switch to Twigby and start saving hundreds of dollars each year on your cell phone bill! (Most families save an average of $60 per month when they make the switch to Twigby!)

Here’s what I love about Twigby:

  1. There is not a contract and there are no activation or termination fees. Unlike traditional cell phone companies, they give you the ability to create your own custom, prepaid plan — without a contract or an unnecessary activation fee.
  2. It’s affordable. When I visited the Twigby site for the first time, I was shocked at how affordable their plans were! Their basic phone plans start as low as $9 per month! They have a variety of plans, including those that offer unlimited texting and the option to include data. Check out their calculator here to see how much you could save by switching to Twigby.
  3. It’s flexible. My favorite part about their service (in addition to their great prices!) is that they offer plan flexibility with the ability to change plans or phones at any time for free.
  4. They offer free overage protection. You can rest easy in knowing that you will never be charged for overages without your go-ahead! You have complete control.
  5. They have a referral program. You can email your friends a special link and, if your friend signs up through your link, you’ll both automatically receive a $10 credit 45 days from your friend’s activation date! Read more about their referral program here.
  6. It’s super easy to get started. You don’t have to mess with going to a store and picking out a phone plan. You just go to their site, pick your phone plan and either switch your current phone over or get a new phone, and they get it all set up for you.
  7. They offer a variety of phones to choose from. You can choose a phone as basic as a flip phone or get something as fancy as an iPhone 5S or SE. Go here to check out all of their phone options.
  8. Coverage is good. We got to try out the Twigby phone service for two months and were very impressed with how great the coverage was. We never had one time that we had any issues with the coverage. Twigby customers use not one, but two of the nation’s largest nationwide networks!

And most importantly? They listen to their customers and prioritize customer satisfaction! They recently increased their plan allotments due to customer feedback, and current customers automatically got the increase with no additional cost or hoops to jump through. You can go here to see the new plans they offer.

Would you like to try Twigby?

Twigby is offering readers 25% off your first six months of phone service right now!

Valid for a limited time only. (And if you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days of activating your service, you’ll get a full refund!)

Go here to get started with Twigby.

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