‘Avocado Toast’ Chocolate Fits A Tasty Breakfast Into One Fun-Sized Bar

Video screenshot via DESSERT INSIDER

The folks at Los Angeles-based Compartés Chocolatier have encapsulated the cult favorite avocado toast into one sweet white chocolate bar that you can have for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Speaking to The Crepes of Wrath's Sydney Kramer for a video by DESSERT INSIDER, the store's owner and “chocolate wizard” Jonathan Graham says he uses white chocolate to create this item as avocado has a mild flavor that would otherwise be overpowered by or milk chocolate.

Of course, the bar's much lighter hue also makes it easier for the green from the avocado to peek through.

The addition of crunchy bits of caramelized toast and salt help balance out the sweetness and richness of the chocolate, which takes two days to make.

Graham says that an earlier version of these bars, which left out the toast, was one of the chocolatier's top sellers. The shop rolled out 5,000 of them in 2017 and they all sold out.

Would you give these US$9.95 chocolates a go instead of splurging US$20 for brunch?

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This is how AVOCADO TOAST CHOCOLATE is made.

Posted by DESSERT INSIDER on , July 4, 2018

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