Artist Executes Cockroach On Mini Electric Chair, Specially Made For The Insect

As loathsome as some people consider cockroaches to be, executing one using a mini electric chair takes the pest's extermination to a new and somewhat disturbing level.

On 4 July, Gabriel Tuazon shared an album to his Facebook page that quickly gained attention online.

The Filipino artist had created a mini electric chair, to which he'd strapped on a cockroach before terminating it through electric shock. At time of writing, the album has garnered 27,000 varied reactions and 41,000 shares.

Inside the album's caption, Tuazon comments about the insect's dirtiness that in turn causes him to become dirty, and that these pests deserve the electric chair.

Peste ka! nag bukas lang ako ng bintana dahil naiinitan ako tas biglang papasok ka at nag tawag ka pa ng tropa mo. May…

Posted by Gabriel Co Tuazon on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The video below, which has accumulated 3.2 million views since Tuesday, publicizes the execution process while the despondent track Wag Ka Nang Umiyak (Stop Crying), by local singer Gary Valenciano, plays in the background. The cockroach's antennae can be see rising upward after Tuazon turns on the switch, which causes it to spasm at the 1:10 mark. The electricity flow concurrently lights up the bulb situated just behind the insect.

Tuazon is known for creating art using recycled materials, such as a rock lobster made from a Coca-Coca bottle and a scorpion modeled from a soda can. In his interview with Coconuts Manila, Tuazon shared that he had made the mini electric chair using recycled materials and took around two hours to complete the contraption.

In the end, he places the deceased cockroach inside a matchbox that doubles as a “coffin.”

Unsurprisingly, the album ignited mixed responses on social media with some calling it “cool” while others described it as cruel, “disgusting,” and sad.

Posted by Gabriel Co Tuazon on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

[via Mothership and Coconuts Manila, main video screenshot via Gabriel Co Tuazon]

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