Watch: Take A Look Inside The ‘World’s Fanciest’ McDonald’s Restaurant

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McDonald's ‘Big Mac' burger as a gourmet meal might sound like a long shot, but perhaps not so, considering recent developments by the brand.

For years, the Golden Arches has been known for its affordable and casual food dining. This, however, might not apply to each of its restaurants in future.

In December 2017, McDonald's introduced the world to its very first McDonald's Next concept in Hong Kong. The brand redesigned one of its restaurants in Hong Kong's Admiralty neighborhood, thereby transforming it into a “modern and progressive” brick-and-mortar that looks strikingly different from its conventional outlets.

McDonald's Next not only serves healthier options by way of its salad bar, but also offers ingredients that cannot be found in its traditional restaurants. For instance, there's quinoa, truffle-flavored sauce, brioche buns, shredded mozzarella, shaved parmesan, myriad drink options, sundae waffles, premium coffee, and more.

Not to mention, diners receive table service after 6pm and enjoy wireless mobile charging that's readily available on the tables.

This McDonald's, which is certainly luxurious by fast food standards, has piqued much interest, including that of CNBC International, which recently explored the amenities, food offerings, and services available at McDonald's Next.

See what the team found to be impressive, and others not so, inside its video below.

[via CNN Travel, video via CNBC International, image via video screenshot]

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