Ashley Graham Shares The Difficulties Being A Curvy Model In The Fashion World

Model Ashley Graham is not only advocating body confidence, but also challenging the narrow-minded fashion industry.

She recently posted a sultry photo of herself in a red lingerie, exciting fans about her upcoming lingerie collection with plus-size clothing retailer Addition Elle.

Graham has been featured on various magazines including Vogue Arabia to encourage self-love amidst aggressive marketing that dwells on the unrealistic “ideal” body type. She released a swimwear collection under her brand Swimsuits For All, which came with a campaign comprising unedited photos, leaving her cellulite and stretch marks on display.

Graham has now been chosen to grace the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s August 2018 issue, where she talks about the fashion industry and how it is far from normalizing non-sample size women on the runway.

Graham said that although she still hears gasps when she walks down the runway, she feels great to be representing curvy women worldwide. Graham told the publication that feeling empowered hasn’t always been easy, as she too has called herself fat before.

She eventually found the courage and confidence in herself, before deciding to encourage others to feel happy with their bodies too. Graham said that advocating body positivity isn’t about saying, “I am who I am,” but instead, it is about making a change together as females. She wants every single woman out there to work together to redefine the industry’s definition of beauty, and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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[via Evening Standard, opening image via Ashley Graham]


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