High Fashion-Esque Football Jerseys Lets You Root For World Cup Teams In Style

Here's a snazzy alternative if you didn't manage to get your hands on Nigeria's stunning World Cup kit—voted as this year's most popular—and would rather not don adidas' 2018 football jerseys that are causing World Cup confusion with its perplexing typeface.

NSS Magazine has released a collection of high fashion-inspired football jerseys that will let you celebrate that upcoming ‘Balenciagoal' in style.

This ‘Les Vêtements de Football' series, with its editorial photographed by Amanda Adász, reimagines the world's most iconic logos of contemporary fashion fused with the vintage aesthetics of football jerseys from the 90s and 00s.

For instance, its ‘France home 1994' design (€200/US$235) was inspired by the iconic adidas jersey worn by the team in the 1994 World Cup, while its ‘England Away 1992' design (€200/US$235) was modeled after one of the rarest kits ever created by Umbro for the Three Lions, and its ‘Croatia home 2008' design (€150/US$176) comes inspired by the jersey used by the team in the Euro 2008 quarterfinals.

With France, England, and Crotia through to the 2018 World Cup semifinals, you could consider wearing these while cheering on your team.

Browse all the jersey designs here.

Image by Amanda Adász for NSS Magazine

Image by Amanda Adász for NSS Magazine

Image by Amanda Adász for NSS Magazine

Image by Amanda Adász for NSS Magazine

France home 1994. Image via NSS Store

England Away 1992. Image via NSS Store

Croatia home 2008. Image via NSS Store

[via NSS Magazine, images via NSS Store]

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