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The art of photography has evolved tremendously along the years, with equipment advancing and new teach gadget being available to passionate photographers. One device that has caught the attention of anyone working in this domain, and not only, is the already well-known drone. This futuristic gadget is not only useful when it comes to capturing amazing footage, but it is also fun to maneuver, coming with an unconventional, tech savvy design.

You have probably directed your attention towards this type of gadget and for a good reason, and buying one yourself is the type of purchase you will not regret making. However, because their price can be a bit steep, it’s important to analyze some relevant factors before actually ordering your own. Here’s what needs to be addressed when making a drone purchase:

Drone. Image credit: fill via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Skill level

If you have never had the chance to fly a drone until now, you should know that it takes a bit of practice until you can maneuver it in a proper way. Buying a device of this sort that is perhaps beyond your skill level can lead to an inconvenient situation, such as you crashing it, and thus wasting the money you have spent on it. It’s best to start off with a more affordable model unit you actually master the flying technique. Some drones have specific safety features incorporated, the added technology enabling the self stabilization of the quadcopter – you should consider such an option first. Some drones can be quite easy to fly, so practicing on them would be advised, until actually moving on to a more expensive model.

Specific purpose of use

Before you start looking at models on the internet, you should firth think about what you will be using the drone for. Unique perspective nature photography, video footage for weddings, real estate advertising photography, or even taking snaps for social media, there are plenty of great reasons that determine people to purchase this type of tech element in the first place.

To actually get one that can provide you with the utility desired, set your specific goal in mind. It’s essential to consider in advance the extent of your needs in order to look at options that can address your exact demanded. Natural scenery photography for example will require you to direct your focus towards a classic aerial camera drone, while for video footage, a model with foldable arms and smooth, high-performance gimble would be more appropriate for smoother videos of higher quality. Experts at The WiredShopper recommend future users to clear up the purpose of their drone usage before analyzing available models.

Drone. Image credit: Webagentur Meerbusch via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Flight time

How much time is the drone able to fly after a single charge? You need to find the answer to this question before ordering a specific model. While cheaper models can last as less as 10 minutes, more expensive alternative could come with a lengthier flight time. This detail needs to be linked, once again, to the purpose you will be using the gadget for. If your photography activity will requires you to fly the drone for at least 25-30 minutes in one charge (in the case of wadding video footage for e.g..), you should invest in a more expensive brand. The factors that usually influence this aspect are weight, battery size and even flying techniques


Find out a thing or two about controllers as well, because some of the drones out there can come with ones that will seem impossible to understand. Called transmitters as well, these are the ones that will actually allow you to maneuver the gadget. Some give you the chance to access real time diagnostics about the device, which might be useful in certain cases, making the overall flying experience perhaps a bit more enjoyable. Built in LCD monitors are also an option for some controllers, although might naturally cost more.

Drone. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain

Don’t skip on reviews!

Regardless of how much you can afford spending on this purchase, on what you are planning to use the drone for, reading reviews is an essential part of choosing a model. Considering the market has increased its offerings in this department, and there are so many options put at our disposal, you can easily end up buying a gadget that doesn’t exactly raise up to your expectations or cover your specific requirements.

Accurate, detailed reviews will allow you to understand the product better and to conclude if it comes equipped with features that you will find useful. When a particular brand or drone model has caught your attention, simply an informative website that posts reviews written by experts and see if that said model is actually worth its price tag. Through review reading you will be ensuring yourself of a safe purchase.

Learn the rules!

Once you have managed to decide on a brand and model that ticks off all the boxes, you should research a few drone ownership rules. As a new drone “pilot� educating yourself on the matter, and acquiring some essential insights is necessary, just to avoid incidents that may cause you eve legal inconveniences. Flying your drone over private proprieties or government facilities is not allowed, flying distances that surpass 400 feet above the ground are also not recommended, and in the majority of situations, it’s best if you register your device upon purchase.

Whether you are a professional photographer and actually make a living out of this activity, or you pursue photography as a hobby, adding to your equipment collection new devices can change the quality of your work tremendously. Drones have been around for a while now and one can say that they have somewhat revolutionized the art of photography. If you are keen on keeping up with the trend, and enriching your portfolio with impressive new works, this is the type of purchase you will have to make. The factors stated above are usually the ones you should focus on when it comes to buying a gadget of this kind, ensuring the reliability of your purchase so make sure to analyze each one carefully.


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