Marketing Teams Still Struggle with Fully Understanding MarTech

Although executive marketers are proficient in marketing technology, new research suggests that they are not confident in their marketing team’s skills in it across the board.

Wipro Digital recently conducted a survey to determine how confident executive marketers are in MarTech. The results showed that 75 percent of marketing executives are confident in their own MarTech proficiency. However, only 6 percent believe that their marketing team is MarTech conversant. In addition, one-third of marketing executives believe that less than half of their team has the necessary expertise to deploy MarTech effectively.

About 84 percent of survey respondents said that their company now has reskilling programs in place. Eighty-one percent stated that it’s important for CMOs to have MarTech qualifications, and 47 percent ranked MarTech among the top three most important skills for a CMO’s success.

“Equipping marketing teams with the right MarTech talent and expertise is only half of the battle – the real challenge lies in determining how MarTech fits into the larger digital transformation and enterprise renovation program, and how to reinvigorate operating models, culture, and leadership, accordingly,� said Andy Coghlan, Global Head of MarTech with Wipro Digital.

The Evolution of MarTech Proficiency

Although marketing executives now see themselves as proficient in MarTech, previous research suggests that this has not always been the case.

In the “2017 Global Media Technology Report� published by ID Comms, approximately 30 percent of agency marketers said that consultants and specialists were best suited to advise them on tech solutions – 55 percent stated that they only have “some understanding� of how technology platforms contribute to their value chain and serve specific business and media goals.

At the time, just 1 in 5 agency marketers claimed that they were using media technology effectively.

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