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BuzzFeed Grows Up With ‘Newspaper’ Look, Gets Serious About News Reporting

BuzzFeed Grows Up With ‘Newspaper’ Look, Gets Serious About News Reporting

BuzzFeed has unveiled a new look that will remind you of a newspaper.

In a surprising twist of events, the viral-focused publisher, synonymous with all things LOL or OMG, has recently made a bold move to launch its very own mainstream journalistic spin-off known as BuzzFeed News.

Breaking tradition from its usual colourful palette and fun layout, BuzzFeed News on the other hand is presented in a more serious tone. Taking cues from traditional newspaper styles, the website sees a monochromatic look with modern sans serif headlines.

Buzzfeed News too has taken a more aggressive approach in terms of its information hierarchy as opposed to BuzzFeed, where stories are displayed in the traditional dual fold blog type layout. The new site also features a tight news bar, medium-sized story presentations and white space which makes the entire site look calmer to readers.

BuzzFeed News will also be cross-promoted on BuzzFeed, and some of its stories will be displayed on BuzzFeed's homepage.

The focus on viewer and traffic on BuzzFeed's own landing pages have become increasingly less influential as compared to social engines that brought the publisher to prominence. Readers who yearn for accurate news have naturally turned back to formal news outlets such as the New York Times and CNN for some traditional daily fix.

Therefore, in light of the recent attacks on journalism, it could only be inevitable that BuzzFeed changes from trendy and hipster style clothes to wearing some adult pants.

BuzzFeed News has a new look and new home: https://t.co/V0GX2lSTNL

Now, you'll find all our news coverage in one place — from investigations with impact to trending social news ???? pic.twitter.com/I2Bi6qdV8E

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) July 18, 2018

[via Fast Company, opening image via BuzzFeed News]

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