Netflix’s Redesigned ‘She-Ra’ Gets Flak For Not Being ‘Beautiful’ Or Sexy Enough

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Video screenshot via She-Ra

Last week, Netflix and DreamWorks Studios unleashed initial images for their adaptation of 80s cartoon, She-Ra: Princess of Power. The redesigned version—helmed by American comic artist Noelle Stevenson—gives the heroine a cleaner, anime-like look, as well as dresses her in a pair of shorts.

Stevenson describes the new ‘Adora’ as a “clumsy” character who gradually metamorphosizes into a glamorous superheroine.

The modernized illustrations had several fans hyped up about what Netflix and DreamWorks might be able to bring to the new animated series—but it unfortunately received its share of heavy-handed naysayers, as well.

Internet users grumbled that the less busty ‘She-Ra’ was “too masculine.”

“Netflix is clearly afraid of She-Ra looking like a beautiful woman,” said one critic. Another lambasted the two companies for “turning her into a boy dressed like a girl.”

These disparagers were met with equal disdain, as others also called them out for demanding childhood characters “be sexually attractive to adult men.”

Whether people like it or not, the all-new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will premiere on 16 November on Netflix. Can’t superheroes be revered without letting their physical features take center stage?

First look at She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! ✨

— Noelle Stevenson (@Gingerhazing) July 16, 2018

she-ra looks great

— jessie ???? julance (pinned) (@thieflance) July 16, 2018

it's so gorgeous!! i can't wait to see the world you've all made ????

— xanthe???? (@xoxobouma) July 16, 2018

Oh my gosh this looks great! Look at how strong she looks! Arms and thighs like she's a warrior who's trained daily, cute undershorts to prevent chubb rub on those beautiful muscles, gorgeous hair, and look at how determined that stubborn beautiful chin is! I'M IN!

— J.M. Frey (@scifrey) July 16, 2018

This is so beeaaauuuutiful!!!!!! The colors are SO good

— anoosha syed (@foxville_art) July 16, 2018

It def looks kick ass. It's very bold. I love it. ????

— ????Adele K. Thomas???? (@AdeleKThomas) July 17, 2018

Screenshot via Twitter

Backgrounds look very nice but I can't get behind She-ra's design, she looks like a dude. Reminds me of like young Thor or something. But if one thing is certain, this looks WAAAAAY better than Thundercats Roar so props for that.

— Alex (@Ragnarooke) July 16, 2018

The new She-Ra looks like Tom Holland. ???? #SheRa

— Liam (@TribalSpaceman) July 14, 2018

1: Not She-Ra.
2: Actual She-Ra.
3: Also acceptable.

You screwed up, @netflix. Back to the drawing board!

— Daddy Warpig (@Daddy_Warpig) July 15, 2018

Netflix is clearly afraid of She-Ra looking like a beautiful woman.

Of course. Look how scary she can be.

— Daddy Warpig (@Daddy_Warpig) July 15, 2018

It's easy for me to roll my eyes and say "She-Ra's not for you." But claiming girls' heroes should be sexually attractive to adult men is saying that girls should be taught to prioritize being attractive to adult men. And that's way, way worse than being weird about a cartoon.

— Annalee (@leeflower) July 15, 2018

Grown ass dudes calling a long-haired skirt-wearing girl children’s cartoon character “boyish” because she isn’t sexualised sounds like something you’d make up as a parody of reactionary nerds and their entitlement complex. And yet

— Cuteosphere (@kawaiiberpunk) July 16, 2018

I don’t even understand? It’s literally because her boobs aren’t falling out. Like, I’m a fully grown woman and I’d look the same if I was wearing a breast plate and shorts under my skirt. News flash, not all women have DD boobs and they’re not less feminine because of it.

— Alex Gaggio ????️‍???????????? (@AlexGaggio) July 17, 2018

"But if we UNDERSEXUALIZE female childrens' cartoon characters, that will create self-esteem problems—FOR SEXY GIRLS"

Guys keep these takes rolling in, I'll never need another form of entertainment ????????????

— Natalie Wynn ???? (@ContraPoints) July 17, 2018

Dear men complaining about She-Ra,
The animation industry has heard your complaints and we’re taking them into consideration. We promise the Care Bears reboot will have tons of boobs. You’re welcome.

— Kristen Gish (@KGishFish) July 17, 2018

[via BuzzFeed, images via various sources]

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