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One of the leading IoT startups from Belgium, Rombit has been awarded as the ‘Most Innovative International of 2018' at Bridge SF held in San Francisco recently.

Rombit is a fast-growing European tech company based in Antwerp which makes smart solutions for the governments and the port sector. In March 2018, the company entered into a partnership with EIT Digital, the prominent European innovation, and education organisation, which is also a part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

For those who are not aware, BridgeSF is a highly interactive, three-day conference for the public and private sectors in the growing GovTech field. The conference brings together cities, startups, academia, enterprise companies, venture capitalists and media from across the globe.

At the BridgeSF, selected startups had the chance to highlight their company/product to the audience of City Government and International Government delegates including Mayors, CTO's, CIOs as well as VC's. And Rombit swayed the jury panel to score the title.

Rombit founder and CEO Jorik Rombouts said, “The GovTech field is an ideal platform for high-tech innovation, serving all city users: citizens, businesses and city workers. We are delighted for this international recognition of our proven IoT capability.”

A-Sign, world's first wireless electronic street sign

Currently, Rombit and the EIT Digital hub in Silicon Valley are working together with San Francisco for the execution of the smart parking prohibition signs in the cities and ports. Further, the company is now deploying its commercial capability in the US with the support of EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub.

“A-Sign is a mobile E-ink device that displays real-time about parking prohibitions on the curbside. It is a tangible smart city device that is easy to use, easy to read and doesn't require an app to interface with it,” adds CCO Evert Bulcke.

Meanwhile, Rombit was also one of the finalists of EIT Digital Challenge in the Digital Cities category in 2017 and the company joined the EIT Digital Accelerator this year. The company also offers dashboarding solutions that closely integrate with buy-or-build IoT-devices and with the proprietary RomwareTM brand.

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