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Hiking is one of those activities where it pays to have a map of where you're going as well as some reports for what's happened to those who have traveled before you. Sure, there are popular, marked trails out there, but when you're on the hunt for something a little more obscure, the hunting can sometimes be a bit involved, especially when you're traveling somewhere new.

In general, can be a solid resource in finding new trails to check out. However, the site's mobile app is even better. With it, you can export 65,000 curated trails and trail guides to find the perfect adventure near you. With its premium version, you can also download those trail maps and guides so they can be viewed offline when your journey takes you off the connected path.

Beyond offering guidance, the app also offers a way to capture the things you see along your journey so you can share it later/remember exactly where on the journey you saw that epic waterfall.

It's a solid way to find a hiking spot you didn't know about near you, or one while you're out of town and aren't quite sure where to look.

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