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Don't you hate it when you hear success stories of brands that made it big on Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube before those platforms were even popular?

By the time the masses—and other marketers—catch on, those first-mover brands already have followings and programs set to launch.

You wish you'd got in on the action. Then you try to play catch up, but the gold rush has passed you by.

Look at the rapid growth of Instagram, for example. It went from 1 million to 10 million users in just under a year:

Image source: Business Insider

In this article, I'll share a framework for tapping into platforms before they become popular.

You'll learn how to monitor the techsphere to find new networks, create great content, and establish a social-influencer marketing strategy that will expand your audience.

Step 1: Monitor tech news

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Lorel Wilhelm-Volpi
is senior director of client strategy at SpotRight, which combines social media analytics and high-quality offline data to create a platform for fast consumer insights and people-based marketing.


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