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Let's pretend your team survived a plane crash and washed ashore on the warm sand of a Pacific island. You have no map, compass, or GPS. You're not sure where to find fresh water, kindling, or shelter. As you trudge uphill into the jungle interior, one of your companions asks, “Are you sure we're going the right way?”

How would you know?! What's the “right” direction when you're lost on an island?

The situation reminds you of all the your team was cranking out before your fateful trip. The content read well. It looked sharp. Sometimes it racked up LinkedIn likes…

But was the content heading in the right direction? How would you know?

My team at Widen recently explored our jungle island of content data—safely from Madison, Wisconsin—to find a right direction. When visitors enter an email address to download content from our website, that action kicks off a multiweek email nurture campaign with one email per week. But, like many B2B tech marketers, we support a long sales cycle, and knew we could do better with our nurture campaign. So my teammates Nina Brakel-Schutt and Nate Holmes led a content audit.

Initially, we wanted to see what our data says—as if 0s and 1s would tell us where to go. But there's way too much data to review! And its interpretation is only as good as our questions.

We devised a new content auditing approach using data from CRM, marketing automation, and digital asset management (DAM) tools. Other stacks would work too. That content audit saved our content and email marketing strategy from perishing on a desert island—and it might save yours, too.

1. Form your question

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Jake Athey is VP of marketing at at digital asset management (DAM) software provider Widen Enterprises, where he has worked with CRM, campaign management, DAM, email, blogging, and social media management platforms.

Twitter: @JakeAthey

LinkedIn: Jake Athey

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