Kim Kardashian’s Fragrance Brand Sued For ‘Copying’ Marketing Agency’s Logomark

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Kim Kardashian West has been handed another lawsuit, this time over the bottle of her new fragrance.

Chicago-based mobile marketing agency Vibes has filed a complaint in Illinois' federal court claiming that the bottle of KKW Fragrance's ‘Vibes' perfume—which is part of its new ‘Kimoji' line—resembles too closely to its logomark.

Both bear similar vibes, if you will, and feature a speech bubble displaying the agency and fragrance's namesake.

The filing reads, “The ‘Vibes' perfume comes in a bottle that is a close facsimile of the registered Vibes logo.”

The complainant adds that KKW Fragrance also used the “infringing logo” to promote the product on social media. Furthermore, the perfume is packed in a box patterned with the graphic.

Vibes Media claims that due to the striking visual similarities, there is a “strong likelihood” consumers would be fooled into believing that the fragrance is endorsed by or affiliated with the agency. Additionally, Kardashian West's celebrity status might confuse people into thinking that KKW Fragrance's line of products are affiliated with Vibes Media.

The agency elaborates that KKW Fragrance “intentionally copied” its logo, and that the latter “improperly and unfairly trade[s] on the substantial goodwill that [Vibes Media] has achieved through its marketing efforts and years of customer satisfaction.”

Vibes Media is seeking injunctive relief, which, when greenlighted, would mean that KKW Fragrance will have to cease all sales of the “infringing” perfume, as well as its packaging, immediately and permanently. The marketing firm is also asking for monetary damages that have resulted from KKW Fragrance's sale of the perfume.

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