There’s Now An Agency That Leases Women’s Bare Armpits As Advertising Space

Image via Wakino Ad Company

Your brilliant ideas could end up in the pits, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

While the saturation of advertisements in cities might leave audiences jaded, Wakino Ad Company seems to have uncovered some clean spots that could turn a few heads.

The agency now makes young women's underarms available for hire as advertising spaces—so if you're a brand adamant about standing out, no sweat.

“Waki” translates to armpit, and unsurprisingly, Wakino Ad Company is owned by a Liberta, a brand specializing in armpit-beautifying products. Basically, this is one whole interactive ad about keeping your underarms fresh.

Rentals start at JP¥10,000 (US$89.55) for an hour—which is not a bad price, considering that you're paying for a walking billboard.

So far, the agency has already clinched a deal with one client: a beauty chain that's hoping for a model to air some praises about its painless underarm hair removal services.

With that being said, Wakino assures the new advertising mediums are great for numerous niches including job search websites, acting schools, and detective agencies.

Image via Wakino Ad Company

Image via Wakino Ad Company

Image via Wakino Ad Company

[via SoraNews24, images via Wakino Ad Company]

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