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Most TV  sets are a lesson in cheesy , packed with shiny surfaces, simple two-dimensional imagery, and–at least in the United States–a serious overuse of red, white, and blue. But the Japanese design firm Nendo has created an entirely new kind of set–a unique, three-dimensional environment that looks like an art installation.

[Photo: Takumi Ota/courtesy Nendo]

Created for the Japanese television station Fuji TV, the set is composed primarily of wooden plinths that are arranged in an abstract pattern around the space, with some hanging from the ceiling, some acting as benches, and several creating a news desk from which the anchor can deliver the day's headlines. The set was designed to be used by four different news programs, each of which will have its own accent color based on the time of day: light blue for daytime, crimson for evening, purple for night, and emerald blue for Sunday mornings.

To complement the set, Nendo also created a set of graphics to go along with the four news shows, including a permanent ticker in the bottom left of every viewer's screen that includes the local weather and sports scores.

[Photo: Takumi Ota/courtesy Nendo]

Unlike typical TV news sets, with their grabby colors, overuse of glass and steel, and multitudes of screens, Nendo's design is entirely finished in wood, giving it a more natural look.

As Nendo noted on the firm's website: “The goal of the design was to achieve a sense of a comforting ‘matter of course,' resembling freshly baked bread that you will not get tired of eating every day.” If only American news was as pleasurable as freshly baked bread–instead, it's more like deep-fried Oreos that make you sick right after you eat them.

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