Review – I Tried It And Here’s How It Went – Info Money Manage is a lending marketplace that offers consumers peer-to-peer, bank, and installment loans. These can be used for anything, from major purchase to rent, taxes to vacations, medical procedures, home improvement, debt consolidation, and more.

It has some of the most flexible terms anywhere, with loans ranging from $500 to $35,000, APRs from 5.99% – 35.99%, and repayment options ranging from 90 days up to 72 months. I liked the versatility it was offering, so I had to give a try for myself. This is how my journey went.

How Works

Step 1: Submitting a request for your loan online

The online request form is the same as any other online lending portal, so if you’ve ever filled one out before, you already know what to expect. For those that haven’t, here’s a basic break down.

You’ll be asked for some standard information including:

  • Your name, phone number, zip code, and email address, along with your birthdate and military service member status.
  • Loan information, such as how much you want to take out for a loan, why you are requesting a loan, and what kind of credit you have. You’ll also be asked for your driver’s license or state ID number, social security number, and what type of bank account you are using for the loan.

What I like about

What I really liked about’s loan request process was that it was so user-friendly. Every step and question was clearly explained, including why it was being asked. This gave me a sense of encouragement and confidence in, like someone was walking me through the whole process.

Obligation-free rates quote

Another outstanding feature of that you won’t find with the competition is the obligation-free rates quote. While many online lending portals connect you to a lender, few of them will do so without first requesting your bank account information; does. That means you can see the types of offer you can expect without having to give away your details. That’s a big plus on’s side.

Step 2: Receive offers from actual lenders

Okay, so I sent in my request, and the next step happened really fast. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before I received my proposal. The beauty of a service like is that because it’s all done online, everything works lightning fast. Try to get that kind of service from a teller at your local bank branch.

What was really amazing was that I received a suitable offer quickly. And therein lies the next benefit. takes your online loan request and runs it through a proprietary algorithm that is designed to connect borrowers and lenders. It isn’t as simple as it sounds, after all, not all lenders are willing to work with all borrowers, and vice versa. Here’s a simple example to clarify things for you:

You want to do some renovations in your kitchen. The contractor tells you the job will cost $15,000, and you want to give yourself a buffer of $2,000 in case of unforeseen expenses. You submit a request for a loan but get rejected by the lender. Why? Not because of your credit history, but because this lender only gives loans up to $10,000. In short, you and the lender are incompatible. Now, you’ll have to find another lender, fill out the online loan request form again, and hope that this time you strike gold.’s algorithm works for you

Sound complicated? It is, but lucky for you,’s algorithm does all the work for you. Instead of running from lender to lender with your fingers crossed, attempts to connect you with a lender that fits your criteria. So, if you want a big or small loan, longer or shorter repayment terms, live in a certain state, or have a specific use case that works in your favor, can find you the lender that works with your type of loans and connect you.

Step 3: Peruse, , and accept the loan terms

Now that I had a real offer, it was time to look it over carefully.

Step three is really all about fine-tuning the deal you’ll ultimately accept. Consider the offer you received, and see if it suits your lifestyle. For example, you might want a long-term loan that’ll let you pay off your debt slowly, albeit with a bigger overall interest payment. This might work better for you if your finances are somewhat limited at the moment or indefinitely.

If the loan offer you received requires you to put down a bit more per month to pay off your loan faster, even if it’s a great offer, it just might not be the offer that works for you.

Read the offer carefully!

Whatever your personal situation, read through each offer carefully, understand what you’re signing up for, and don’t skip the terms and conditions sections. It’ll take a few minutes more, but skimming through those sections can save you a lot of heartache due to misunderstandings later on.

When you’ve considered all the angles and the deal looks good, sign on it. Remember, until this point, you are under no obligation whatsoever. So, if it doesn’t look good to you, skip it and request another loan offer. will not hold you to any offer, and neither will the lender.

Step 4: Get your loan

At last, you’ve signed for your loan, and you can enjoy spending your loan money.

Unlike secured loans or more specified loans such as a mortgage or auto loan, personal loans can be spent however you want so that you can go to town with your loan check. These usually hit your account within the next business day, though can’t make any guarantees since it’s just the intermediary.

Why Use

It’s a straightforward process of requesting and signing up for a loan that can work for you. So, what makes a service you’d want to team up with? Well, for one thing, it’s completely free. That was the first thing that piqued my interest. Getting an easy, online tool without having to pay for it is always good in my book. Aside from that obvious point, I also appreciated a few benefits that made stand out from other services in its industry I’ve tried like:

As an OLA member (Online Lenders’ Alliance), commits itself to fair and honest consumer practices. It is basically a safety built into the online business world.

It means that is required to comply with all federal laws and regulations, protect its consumers from fraud and other illegal online threats, and deliver the best experience to all users. Some of the things OLA enforces is that members have to give consumers adequate cancellation time and policies, does not display false information or engage in misleading advertising, and manages third-party affiliates with integrity.

That’s a good standard to hold someone to, and conforms to them all.

Another aspect of that makes it rise to the top of the lending portal ladder is its flexibility in terms. A lot of personal loan connectors limit their customers to short repayment plans, strict policies, or rigid loan amount caps. I was actually amazed by the breadth of options offers its borrowers. It works with lenders that range in loan amounts from as little as $500 all the way up to $35,000.

Most lenders cap loans like these at $10,000, so $35,000 is really impressive. lenders also let you pay back your loan as quickly as 90 days from receipt of the money or as long as 72 months depending on your credit and the type of loan you take out.

The last point I want to highlight that makes different from other lender channels is the variety of loans on offer.

Most lending portals offer one type of loan., on the other hand, offers you three different types of loans, so you can find the one that can work for you. Select from peer-to-peer loans, bank loans, or installment loans. Each one is a little different in the amount you can borrow and the credit score needed for approval.

You can read all about it on the website, but the options are there for you. also has some great financial education tools including smart budgeting and spending articles, scam alerts, and helpful tutorials for responsible financing.

Summary provides a service that is not uncommon in today’s lending society. It does things with an entirely different flavor though, offering more flexible terms, an easier process, and more reliable, secure, and trusted channels to do business through.

Combine that with higher upper limits, longer repayments terms, and a varied amount of loan types, and it is easy to see why millions of consumers are turning to for their personal loan needs in 2018.

Learn more about and find the best loan for you today!

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