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Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC), one of the largest payment solution providers in the Philippines, has adopted FICO® Customer Communication Services (CCS) to automate its and achieve scale as its business grew rapidly. Using , analytically-driven communications, Metrobank Card has improved its customer service and automated its early repetitive reminders to free collections staff to work on more complex, strategic work.

“Metrobank Card Corporation was growing faster than the industry average and we needed a solution that could maintain the high standards that we had in collections while providing us with the scalability that we needed,” said Roxy Castro, head of credit operations, Metrobank Card Corporation. “With CCS, we were able to augment our collections capacity rapidly and address the tremendous growth of our bank’s card business. CCS has allowed us scalability for the early part of the collection buckets, where dialogues were simple and repetitive and automation took care of that. On the other hand, for dialogues that were more complicated, we left them to our highly trained collections agents.”

Prior to FICO’s cloud-based solution, Metrobank Card was using customer communications in a very siloed manner. Messages that were sent using voice, SMS or email were not connected or informing a single view on a customer account. They were usually simply payment reminders that did not allow for resolution via a two-way customer response. This meant that agents would have to start a new interaction with the customer if they chose to shift from one communication channel to another.

Now, the payments company is not only able to track communication across channels but has freed up a vast number of hours in its collections team. Automation of early stage collections has fundamentally changed the way the business can resource its team. Metrobank Card was able to scale using the team it already had, avoiding the need to quickly hire dozens of extra collections staff and the associated costs and training headaches.

Read the full release and watch the video below.

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