Why You Must Stay Alive in Your Dream Client’s Mind

There's a certain power in persistence. Persistence means you continue to take action until you get the result you are pursuing. It requires that one be determined, that one has the intestinal fortitude, the ability that is part grit and part pigheadedness. Especially as it pertains to prospecting, persistence is one of the keys to success.

If you call your client once a quarter, you are not being persistent. You are also not really resting for 89 days before your next call. You are making a halfhearted attempt to reach your dream client, and that is why this strategy is ineffective.

The challenge is to communicate at such a frequency that your prospective client becomes aware of who you are, what you believe, and how you might potentially create value for them. It is difficult to become known, and it's even more difficult to be known as a value creator (someone with the ideas and experience that can help other people produce better results).

 It's the persistence over time that keeps you alive in your dream client's . You start to become known as someone who is attempting to contact your dream client. Then you become known as someone who works in a certain industry or business. Later, after you've communicated for a while, you become known as a person who has certain ideas and beliefs about the right decisions to make to produce better results (this only works if in fact, you have the advice, the views, in the values that help people understand what it is that you believe).

When something happens, and something always happens given enough time, your persistence has kept you top of mind. But not only has it kept the top of mind, it's kept you at the top of the list of potential partners to consider when your dream client needs to make a change. If you make a halfhearted attempt to reach your dream client and go away, you are not going to be known as someone who may potentially help produce a better result-and replace your dream client's current provider.

You may think of prospecting as an activity that generates an appointment. You would be better to think of prospecting as a campaign that not only generates an appointment, but that also allows you to become known as a value creator, a potential partner, and someone who has persisted long enough to earn a shot.

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