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June 15, 2018

For the last few videos, I’ve been talking about client retention and expanding your network within your client accounts. From this, the response I always get is, “Colleen, I don’t want to be behind my client’s back because they might get angry with me and my relationship with them would erode.”

You have got to stop thinking with this mindset. It’s not about going around your clients, it’s about you showing them how building other relationships inside their account is in their best interest as well. I’m not telling you to go about this secretly.

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There is an easy way to do this. Take a blank organizational chart to a meeting with your primary contact and say, “In order for me to help serve you, it’s good for me to get to know the broader organization. So let’s work together to see who else is affected by our solution.” Then, start to build out the chart with their permission.

It’s critical that you ask your contacts questions like, “Who would be your backup should you be on vacation or sick? Who is the power user of our product? Who is placing the orders? Who is paying the bill? Who else is affected by this solution?”

These types of questions will help you build out your network with your primary contact, not against them.

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