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The 3 is out today, but if you haven’t played the first two hand-drawn strategy games in the series, your best bet is to buy the Bonus Edition trilogy on Banner Saga ’, ‘B078W93NPV’);‘unique.send’, ‘event’, ‘Commerce’, ‘theinventory – Last to and Save 20% On the Banner Saga Trilogy’, ‘B078W93NPV’);” data-amazontag=”kinjadeals-20″ href=”[t|link[p|1827892727[a|B078W93NPV[au|5727177402741770316[b|theinventory”>PS4 or Banner Saga Trilogy’, ‘B079P9BWF3’);‘unique.send’, ‘event’, ‘Commerce’, ‘theinventory – Last Chance to Preorder and Save 20% On the Full Banner Saga Trilogy’, ‘B079P9BWF3’);” data-amazontag=”kinjadeals-20″ href=”[t|link[p|1827892727[a|B079P9BWF3[au|5727177402741770316[b|theinventory”>Xbox One, which comes out tomorrow. That means today is your last day to preorder and 20% ($8 in this case) with your Amazon Prime membership.

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The Banner Saga 2: The Kotaku Review

I played a lot of the first Banner Saga, and while I liked it, it never really hooked me. The…

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