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Find the funny people in your life and keep them close.

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As I hit nine months of my pregnancy, working on my book just kept getting tougher and tougher. I was uncomfortable sitting in a chair for too long. I couldn’t type in bed because my belly was so big, and it was hard for me to sit up with my computer on my lap because I couldn’t reach the keys. When you work on something for so long, and in such an intense way, sometimes you just need to laugh! I looked like crap on most days, felt like I was about to pop and pretty much waddled to get from point A to point B.

My husband happens to be hilarious, so I was lucky he kept me laughing throughout both labors of love. Find the funny people in your life and keep them close! Laughter will pull you through the days your deadlines are making you go bananas and you find yourself still in your pajamas at dinner time.

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