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Our time on this planet is limited, but please spend a moment of it feasting on the internet’s latest abomination.

Master0fHyrule has made a lot of videos about Super Smash Bros. Usually they’re just lists, like this one showing off every character’s taunt or this other one showing off every character’s taunt in reverse. For the latest video though, Master0fHyrule enlisted the help of 3D animator ishmael205 and a bunch of other people to show every Smash character doing Fortnite’s default emote dance. Captain Falcon’s character model was apparently used as the base for the dancing animation, with every other character then imported over top of it.

Some of them look more natural than others. Sheik looks completely at home shaking her hips and throwing wild elbows. Charizard much less so. But most haunting of all are the stretched out characters like Earthbound’s Ness and Animal Crossing’s Villager whose long, pale, bouncing legs just can’t be unseen.

For years Captain Falcon has been telling the other Smash fighters to show him their moves, but somehow I don’t think this is what he .

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