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Am I going to recommend you watch The Ponysitters Club? It depends on how desperate you are to stay inside this week, because things are not looking so great on the Netflix docket. The best thing happening, if you’re constitutionally suspicious of Netflix originals (and who isn’t), is the terrifying No Country for Old Men, which arrives on Saturday.

Otherwise, you’re looking at Demetri Martin and his twee drawings (Demetri Martin: The Overthinker) on Friday. Martin’s new special allegedly features him musing on “doughnut holes, dogs, sports bars, the alphabet’s most aggressive letters and more,” which sounds mildly diverting!

Million Pound Menu looks like Shark Tank meets Kitchen Nightmares, which may not be as soothing as The Great British Bake Off, but might make it a decent candidate for bingeing. Otherwise, might I suggest you at least try The Handmaid’s Tale? Yes, it’s on Hulu, but surely you can scare up a password. It’s as good as they say, I swear.

Arriving This

A * indicates a Netflix original.

Thursday, 9

  • Perdida*
  • The Originals: Season 5

Friday, August 10

Saturday, August 11

Leaving This Week

Leaving August 6

Leaving August 10

Leaving August 12

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