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Justin Cohen’s New Book: Final Step #6 “Content”

We’ve arrived at the final step of this series on how to to win, where Jason Cohen and John Golden break down the formula for creating winning pitches. Each week, we’ve covered one step. Step six is content.

Fact vs. Story:

Stories are a potent tool for culture building, for creating inspiration within an organization, and in as well. They are a great way to get people into the buying zone. Think about how someone communicates information, especially if they are doing so with the intent to sell or persuade. There are two main options. One option is that someone might speak facts at you about in an objective manner. Someone else might give a case study, or tell a specific story, about how the same facts and information have specifically impacted an individual or themselves. They attach emotion to it and make it memorable. The person who told the story is probably going to be more persuasive and is more likely to remember and connect with the story in a personal way. “The same message, but as a story, makes more of an impact,” said Cohen.

It’s Science:

There is scientific backing for how content delivery as a story is important.
When you look at the brain of someone being told the first, mostly fact-based message, the mind is quite inactive. However, when you look at the brain of someone who was just told the second message that was conveyed as a story, the brain’s visual and auditory cortex light up, as do the systems responsible for creating emotion. The brain also has a network of mirror neurons. These neurons sense the emotions of others and create an empathic reaction in you. This is why the kind of content and how it’s delivered is so crucial to building a perfect pitch and getting your potential consumer to buy in and engage with what you have to say.

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To get a more in-depth look at how to pitch to win, be sure to check out Justin Cohen’s book

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