Acer Ripped This Gaming Rig Right Out of the Cockpit of a Space Ship | Tips & Tricks

has lost its absolute mind. At IFA this week, the company announced the Predator Thronos, a gaming that can hold three monitors, reclines up to 140 degrees, and takes up your whole living room.

The company hasn’t announced a price for the Predator Thronos, which is fine because you weren’t going to buy this thing anyway. But we will, together, drool all over this thing. As you can see in the video above, this magnificent gaming cathedra can tilt as far back as 140 degrees facing you almost skyward. A swiveling board puts your mouse and keyboard directly in front of you when you need it, and slides out of the way when it’s time to get up. Not that you’d ever want to.

Since this embarrassment of gaming riches is likely outside the budget of most average people—Acer hasn’t said how much, but similar workstations from competitors start at over $5,000—we can’t in good conscience recommend buying one. However, you can probably get 80% of the way there with a La-Z-Boy and a cheap VR headset.

Source: Acer via The Verge

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