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Everyone loves the anticipation of tearing open a meticulously wrapped gift, but this age-old practice leads to a lot of garbage. If every American home wrapped just three gifts a year in reusable materials, we’d save 45,000 football fields of paper waste.

Sure, you could use old newspaper or reuse your fancy wrapping paper for wrapping another gift next year. Or you could reuse your fancy wrapping paper for something even more fun, like origami.

[Photo: Ilovehandles]

Wrap is wrapping paper that can be reused for crafting. After unwrapping a gift (carefully!), the recipient is left with a piece of paper complete with and dotted lines to be trimmed and folded into an origami crane, dog, frog, fish, balloon, or iris. It’s particularly clever because the paper has no special technology that makes its second life as origami possible, other than a bit of carefully placed ink.

The costs all of $10 for a pack of five 20-by-30-inch sheets. That means they aren’t quite big enough to handle a Barbie McMansion, but they’ll do perfectly well for books, candles, and other small giftables–and re-giftables.

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