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is a Danish designer well known for his exquisite posters. His singular style is simply stunning. Check out the posters we have here and you will be hooked too. His incredible and bold deco artworks will certainly take you back in time. Mads posters are elegant, colorful and stylish. The way he uses lines and curves delivers a modern take on the classic poster look. It is a beautiful combination of great illustration, type and shapes. In my opinion his images bring a certain glamour back to advertisement. It is a simple and elegant way of delivering a very clear message. I can see Don Draper – from Mad Men – showing these to his clients. So take your Old Fashioned cocktail, seat back and enjoy.

Mads work was already showcased here twice: back in 2014 and 2013. Since it has been a while and because he has a ton of new and inspiring pieces, we are showcasing his work again. And remember to check his website for more info and artworks.

Based in Copenhagen, Mads Berg is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. His main fields of illustration are posters, brand illustrations, key visuals, editorial illustrations, cover art and murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which translates classic poster art into a modern and timeless look. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message.

Mads has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2001 and has collaborated with numerous multinational clients. Clients such as Coca Cola, Orangina, San Diego Zoo, Lego, Monocle and Wired. He graduated from the Danish Design School in 2001. Since then, has been working independently as an illustrator. Occasionally working as a lecturer at design schools.

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