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To stand out from other crypto exchanges, ABCC platform is forward thinking from the start. It sponsored DELTA Summit right next to Binance, stakes on its strong team of experienced professionals and a unique nature of its AT token.

In today’s world, for a cryptocurrency exchange to stand out from the row of similar platforms, it is necessary to design its own strategy and find something really valuable to offer its users. ABCC, positioning itself as a world-class crypto exchange platform and recently having its debut in Malta, might have found its own key to a sustainable growth facing fierce competition and pressure from bear market.

For the first few months, we haven’t seen ABCC’s brand extensively, cause it is claimed to polish product and user experience first. By talking to a few key members of the exchange, we believe a bigger picture with more excitements and innovation will be rolled out in the coming few months, unveiling its progress and ambition.  

On its website, the platform is said to create a really user-oriented service and offering an absolutely secure online trading environment with investor-friendly conditions. It keeps its words. The platform was launched in the end of April and has quickly managed to become one of the top exchanges in the world, in terms of trading volume on CoinMarketCap.

The website has been evolved a lot since its launch, while its mobile APP has weekly updates with new functions and features. We learn from the community that ABCC Pro, a long-awaiting free version with various trading indicators such as tradingview and key functions such as stop loss, will be released later this month.

Unlike many Asian exchanges,the dedication, experience and professionalism of the ABCC team and its advisors helped to establish not only ABCC itself but also to launch the ABCC Token (AT), ABCC Membership Program and now ABCC Cloud in rather a short period of time.

Speaking about their project, Calvin Cheng, ABCC’s CEO and co-founder, said that the main thing that distinguishes ABCC is always its team composed of real professionals with deep understanding of the current market conditions as well as needs and demands of investors.

Calvin Cheng himself was a serial entrepreneur and an appointed member of Singaporean parliament. If you have listened to his speech, you will be attracted by his charisma. While credibility in the team plays a very important role in any projects’ success, one of the main platform’s secret is that ABCC is built by people with extensive experience in technology, finance, media and governance.

Another significant peculiarity of ABCC, is offering its clients platform’s own AT token. The token has a half-life cycle which means that unlike other cryptocurrencies, it won’t inflate in the long term. AT is to be utilized in voting for coin listing, rewards, airdrops, private sale, extra mining power and much more. 80% platform trading fee being rewarded to AT holders is a key benefit of its platform token, in the form of its basic cryptocurrencies, i.e. to share its profits and grow with users. It should definitely encourage more active engagement in the activities of the community.

So, the platform is trying to encourage AT holders to keep AT as while the tokens are to be released gradually, its value won’t be depreciated.

Security is one of the key priorities for ABCC, the main goal that the team has set is building a reliable and transparent exchange platform providing excellent crypto trading experience. To access the services of the platform, users have an opportunity to use ABCC app that is continuously improved with a view to ensure the highest transaction processing speed and the most comfortable interface.

To be confident that users’ assets will be safe, the company has hired the best E-payment experts in the industry. Though the CEO says that the platform will always have a proper amount of funds to compensate clients in case of a hack, the main thing that the company is doing is exploring insurance against hacking. At the current moment.

Originally, ABCC offered fee-free transactions, nevertheless, after July, when AT token was issued, the platform charges a transaction fee of 0.1%.

One more thing that everyone should know about ABCC is that the platform has successfully launched its Free Listing via Community Voting. The team makes a lot of efforts to make sure that only really reliable and promising projects are listed on the platform which helps to minimize investment risks. We are told that ABCC is seeking for partnership who can recommend great projects, too.

“ABCC is one of the many exchanges. But execution make a fundamental difference.” said Calvin in Malta. That probably shows the determination and the potential of ABCC in the space.

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