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Rouslan MALSAGOV and The21night . shared a beautiful post on their Behance profile title BONET. It’s a series of architecture illustrations with a clean vector look. They were created to pay homage to the architect Antonio Bonet.

BONET is a tribute to the Catalan architecture Antonio Bonet. Author of a vast work, which remains a great unknown and that tweaks with his genius the geography of Spain and Latin America. It is a collaboration and a dialogue between light and form created by Santiago Restrepo and Rouslan Malsagov. The objective of the following project was to give life to these illustrations, by recreating them in three-dimensional spaces with their respective minimalist color palettes. Exposing the subtle professionalism and amazing beauty of its spaces. The experience of rectangular and organic figures is accentuated in the volume, where the freedom of forms blooms in this dialogue of architecture and light. A colorful tribute to the splendour of his work.







  • ART DIRECTOR: The21night
  • 3D MODELING: Rouslan Malsagov

Special thanks to: 

  • Audrey Lieby
  • CUBA
  • Jonathan Goirand


  • This Isn’t Real – Steve Jablonsky

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