Smart accessory maker iDevices announces integration with IFTTT

Popular smart accessory maker announced today that it has integrated support into its smart accessories. This means that you can use the application to connect with other accessories, services, and more.

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

For those unfamiliar, IFTTT stands for “if this, then that” and is a popular platform that ties together a slew of other services. If one thing occurs, IFTTT can be used to trigger an action on another platform, or a series of actions. iDevices says that it has already created several Applets for use with its smart home accessories and IFTTT:

Turn off when I leave

Are you forgetful in the morning, especially pre-coffee? This Applet is for you. Set your iDevices smart switches and outlets to turn off when you leave a specified area, like your home. The official term for this is geo-fencing, but let’s just call it convenient.

Turn on at sunset

What’s better than watching a beautiful sunset? When your lights automatically turn on as soon as the sun dips below the horizon. This is a perfect Applet for holiday lights and outdoor accessories connected to the iDevices Outdoor Switch.

Turn on when temperature rises above

It’s getting hot in here…so turn on the fan.

Turn on when temperature drops below

Baby it’s cold outside…so turn on the space heater.

Of course, as with any sort of IFTTT integration, you can also create your own Applets and integrate your iDevices accessories there as well. Currently, IFTTT integration is supported by iDevices’ range of smart home accessories except for the iDevices Thermostat and customizable LED nightlights on iDevices products.

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