The Pixel Slate doesn’t cut it as a high-end Android tablet


While I already reviewed the at considerable length as a Chromebook, I also wanted to take a look at it as an device. Since Chrome OS can run apps now, the Pixel Slate should be a contender for tablet of the year.

OK, maybe that’s not saying much, but with a 2,000×3,000 screen, Core Intel processor, and up to 8GB of RAM, the Pixel Slate is a fantastic piece of hardware that any Android fan would love. But how does it perform as a tablet? The answer: just OK. Apps are buggy, performance is lackluster, and the tablet-PC hybrid interface just doesn’t work.

And that’s a shame. I really wanted the Pixel Slate to be the ultimate hybrid device: a Chromebook when I wanted to type and an Android tablet when I wanted to touch. Sadly, it’s not quite there yet. Check out the latest episode of Android Confidential, where I take a look at how the $999 Core i5 version of the Pixel Slate can hack it as an Android tablet and how Google can improve it with future Chrome updates.

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