Instagram testing specialized features and analytics

A new report via The Hollywood Reporter details new features being tested by Instagram geared towards high-profile “creator accounts”, opening the door for some users to track detailed analytics.

Previously, Instagram offered no such option to track data related to new followers and unfollows past the barebones “new follower” notification. However, for the elite few selected for the test, Instagram will provide data similar to third-party Instagram account trackers such as ‘Followers Track For Instagram’ from the iOS App Store.

Screenshots of the new creator accounts have yet to hit the web. However, today’s report explains how some of the new features will help users grow their accounts and identify trends such as specifying the cause for follower or viewership spikes.

The new growth insights will give creators weekly and daily data around how their follower count has changed. The feature, which works across the feed, Stories and IGTV, will also show creators what content they created so that they can understand what may have led to a spike in new followers or a decline in that fan base.

The feature-set will also call for new DM related configurations, offering the ability to sort messages by read, unread and flagged. Further, Instagram will now ‘rank’ DM request importance, so users make sure they see the most important direct message requests first.

…direct messaging tools will allow creators to filter their messages by read, unread and flagged messages. They will also be able to rank their pending requests by relevance or time to make sure they don’t miss important requests. Finally, the flexible contact and category labels will, for example, allow creators to remove the ability to click to call or email

Instagram is going all-in on ensuring content creators have the tools they need to be identified and maintain growth on the platform. In August, the company announced it would “increase access” for account verification, making it easier to get that bright blue badge next to your name.

In November, the company introduced specialized business profiles, making it easier for customers to shop directly from the app.

What do you think of Instagram testing these features for “creator accounts” only, rather than opening them up to everybody? Tell us in the comments below.

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