Intel Foveros is a ‘hybrid x86 architecture’ that pairs Core with Atom

Intel Raja Koduri
Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President of Intel Architecture and Graphics Solutions

Intel has confirmed that it’s working on a discrete solution for “client PCs,” which will arrive in 2020. That, however, is far from all Intel is working on.

The company laid out its long-term architecture plans at an ‘Architecture Day’ event attended by Digital Trends. There, Raja Koduri, senior vice president of Intel architecture and solutions, explained Intel’s new goal. “10 petaflops of data, 10 petabytes of compute, less than 10 milliseconds away.”

That’s an ambitious goal, and Intel believes it can only be achieved by moving into an era of hardware design that Intel calls the “architecture era.” Koduri went so far as to say “the next 10 years will see more architecture advancement than the last 50 years.”

To help achieve this, Intel has announced a new packaging design called Foveros, coming next year.

Intel says the first Foveros package is 12 millimeters by 12 millimeters in size – smaller than a dime – built on a 10-nanometer production process. It will offer performance in league with existing Core hardware but have a standby power draw of only two milliwatts. These traits make it suitable for a very broad range of tablets and laptops (no, it doesn’t appear Intel intends to target smartphones).

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