Will Windows 95 be reimagined? Microsoft’s tweet hints at a throwback

Windows 95 Tweet ScreenshotThese days, it seems like everything from the 90s is due for a comeback. Even Windows 95.

That’s right: In addition to a slew of old sitcoms given a second chance, the classic Windows operating system may just be getting a reboot of its own, according to a somewhat cryptic tweet posted Wednesday, December 12, by the official Windows Twitter account.

What that reboot is, is anyone’s guess, however. The tweet (see above) was only composed of a close-up photo of the old Windows 95 logo printed on a cozy white sweater and a brief message telling followers to “tune in tomorrow for a major ‘softwear’ announcement.”

While there are many possibilities as to what Microsoft may have in store for its customers, the front-runner seems to be that new wearable merchandise may be on offer.

As MSPoweruser notes, the fact that the Windows 95 logo was featured on a sweater-like fabric is probably the biggest clue, signaling “a possible wearable merchandise giveaway” that features the Windows 95 logo or other Windows-themed classics from that decade. (Remember SkiFree? A sweater featuring the SkiFree monster would actually be awesome.)

Another possibility is that the word “softwear” could also point toward a new line of smartwatches on the horizon for Microsoft. Wearable tech is all the rage and Microsoft could be ready to release a line of smartwatches with gimmicky, Windows 95-themed features.

Microsoft has made a few steps into the wearable tech market but, overall, hasn’t experienced much success with launching its own takes on smartwatches and fitness trackers. The internet is filled with stories of possible smartwatch releases from the technology giant that either never materialized (Moonraker) or just wasn’t received well by consumers (Microsoft Band).

Microsoft’s “softwear announcement” is due to be released today and so we won’t have to wait too long to see what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully, whatever Microsoft has in store for its consumers ends up being a combination of fun nostalgia and an (innovative) step in the right direction for its products.

And if it’s not a cool, new smartwatch, here’s hoping that it’s at least a SkiFree sweater giveaway.

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