New York Goes Green!

New York politicians make a big move, a new study may debunk an old myth, and it’s not love in the air that some Californians are complaining about.

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Welcome to Green Entrepreneur’s video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed this week, hosted by our cannabis correspondent Conrad Martin.

New York may be next to legalize!

In a speech outlining his 2019 agenda, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo endorsed recreational cannabis legalization for the empire state. In a rare instance where these two agree, New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio cosigned the endorsement calling it a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to get a historic issue right”.

CBD may not actually be good for Glaucoma

Is your grandmother still smoking weed for her “Glaucoma”? Might want to tell Gramz to chill. Researchers at Indiana University published a study in the Journal of Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual showing that CBD actually increases pressure in the eye and could do more destruction than good.

Californians complain about cannabis smells in the air

Do you love the smell of weed? Not some Californians. Residents in many counties have filed complaints about the “dead skunk” odor emanating from local marijuana farms. I feel like I wouldn’t complain but one resident says “Just because you like bacon doesn’t mean you want to live next to a pig farm.”

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