Powerful Photo Editor Darkroom Makes it Way to iPad

Anyone with an can take advantage of split-screen multitasking and keyboard shortcuts with the app. Some of the shortcuts include the 1-7 keys to switch between tools and the Command-F key to favorite an image. You just select the command key on a keyboard to see all of the available

On the selection screen, you can also view albums, which should make it easier to select an image.

And while editing on iPad in landscape, the photo strip feature will allow users to look through their library at the same time.

Another nice addition for both iPad and iPhone users is integration with Moment’s Pro Camera. Along with that app, users can open Halide with just a tap in Darkroom.

Darkroom is designed for both the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now for free. There are a number of in-app purchases available to unlock different tools and filters. The best deal is a $9.99 purchase for all tools and filters.

While there are a number of photo editing apps available to download, making the move to iPad has easily vaulted Darkroom as one of the best available.

Especially on the new iPad version, the app is responsive and easy to use, especially with the keyboard shortcuts. Since it’s free to download, make sure to give it a try

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