Sling TV Launches vMVPD for Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go is getting even harder to shell out of its hard-won, best-all-in-one VR category. The plethora of available content just got bigger, with Sling TV becoming the first virtual vMVPD to grace the Go screens. Users can celebrate the Oculus Go virtual TV option with $80 credit for services, it's on Sling.

At just $199, Facebook Oculus Go is pretty hard to beat in
terms of value for money Virtual . It has become an unavoidable stepping
stone towards bigger and better, while being reasonably well put together
itself. One thing was missing content-wise though, multi-channel virtual TV.
But Sling TV, itself on a mission to spread across milieu of different devices,
opens its VR home
entertainment option to Oculus Go users. The Oculus Go virtual TV app is
already available on the store. The service is integrated with the Oculus TV
app, as well.

Vice president of Sling TV Jimshade Chaudhari was rather terse: ‘No big screen, no room, no problem', he is quoted saying. The words might misleadingly suggest Oculus Go virtual TV is just a nice little replacement for your huge, room-scale television. The Go-Sling pairing is actually more than that. After that initial, almost laconic line, Chaudhari opened up a little: ‘Oculus Go is a real game-changer in giving people a personal home theater experience wherever they are, with its crystal-clear optics and portable design. Sling TV on Oculus Go gives customers an incredibly large screen, high-resolution experience anywhere they get a Wi-Fi connection', he concludes.

Technical capabilities to support a service like Sling TV of Oculus Go headset were never in doubt. The fact that it is a wireless headset is still considered fairly advanced from users' point of view. They can now enjoy Sling virtual TV from as far as their Wi-Fi allows. The still relatively decent display of 2,560 x 1,440 provides a Sling TV effect comparable to a 180-inch TV set. Add 3D build-in speakers into the mix, and Go suddenly becomes a great, rather affordable VR alternative to regular TV. But still nowhere near 4K screen TV sets, though.

Sling TV is among
America's fastest growing TV services. It provides more than 600 channels in 20
something languages, English and Spanish holding special places. Channels
include the basic slew of general, sports, news, movie and TV show programs, the
subscription for which starts at $25 a month. The Sling TV services are
available on many platforms, a little shy of 20 to be precise, with Oculus Go
being the latest addition on the list. The news still being fresh, Sling TV is
offering a gift of $80 worth of subscription services for early adopters.

Besides Sling TV streaming service, Oculus Go virtual TV includes both ESPN and FOX Now with their own supported channels. Although Virtual Reality is not really moving forward at a desired pace, same cannot be said for VR gaming and VR video services who are both hitting numbers. They're alive and well.

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