Public and private link key to Industry 4.0 success in Malaysia

’s 2019 national budget had a significant focus on achieving the country’s vision of becoming a fully connected digital economy.

IDC sees the realignment of Malaysia’s economy towards a smart connected one as an “important step” towards achieving the country’s ambitions to be a leading player in technology innovation and enablement.

A significant focus of the budget announced by Lim Guan Eng, the Finance Minister of Malaysia was on the country’s Industry 4.0 blueprint, titled ‘Industry4WRD’.

“The growth of digital economies is becoming an ever more impactful part of the global economy,” said Randy Roberts, research director of IoT and telco at IDC Asia Pacific.

“The transition to a digital economy is a key driver of growth and development because it can provide a boost to the country’s productivity across all sectors and it creates an attractive environment for new investments from outside Malaysia.

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