Gran Turismo 7 May Possibly Support Custom Real-Time

Gran Turismo Sport

Ray-tracing tech is something that games have been supporting on PC with increasing frequency of late, but there is little doubt that console games will also eventually catch up in that regard- though the technology on console hardware isn’t a common sight as yet, developers will surely continue to adopt it more and more as they gain access to more powerful hardware. One such developer of Polyphony Digital, the developers of  .

At the SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 event, Polyphony Digital confirmed that they’ve developed their own in-house custom real-time ray-tracing tech, before saying that they’re still in the stage of “exploring possibilities” with the new tech in question. Though they didn’t mention what exactly those possibilities might be, it would be safe to assume that it’s something they’ll be looking to put to use in whatever Gran Turismo game they end up making for the PS5- whether that’s Gran Turismo 7, or something beyond that.

Polyphony Digital also showed off their in-house tech live on stage in a brief demo, which you can take a look at below (via Wccftech)- the video’s timestamped, so just hit play.

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