BioWare Reveals How Far Players Can Level in Anthem Demo

When asked about the type of content players would get to experience in the demo, Gamble stated that there would be a “good cross-section of stuff.” He further elaborated that players would get to check out some missions, some free play, some aspects of Fort Tarsis, and a stronghold – ‘s high-end content. Nonetheless, Gamble went on to reveal that player’s progress would not be carried into release.

While this could be upsetting for some, there is a good explanation for it. To provide players with a wider variety of content, BioWare has seen fit to drop players in at 10, meaning Anthem hopefuls will be getting a true bonafide demo and not just early, temporary access to the game. From there, players will be able to up to 15, which should give them a look at how leveling up will work.

Beyond that, we know that the full game will contain a max level cap, and a lot of speculation puts that hard cap at level 30. However, it’s worth noting that revealed gameplay has shown javelins at level 36, so it seems like the initial level cap could be between the 40-50 range. It has also been confirmed that this level cap will be eventually extended, due to the games as a service model BioWare is adopting with Anthem.

Of course, some have worried about this particular business model in Anthem, but Gamble has recently stated, “Just get the game.” He means that there will be no season or annual pass and that all story-focused DLC will be free. In other words, Anthem will be a complete package on day one, and anything beyond that is icing on the cake – a cake that fans will get to enjoy in just a few weeks.

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