When Does Ninja’s New Year’s Fortnite Stream Start?

Fortnite Ninja Addiction ResponseAs fans await Ninja’s New Year’s Eve live stream, they can while away the time by playing the free-to-play Battle Royale portion of the game themselves, and Epic Games has stocked the title with loads of fresh content for Season 7 to keep players busy. As a matter of fact, Fortnite itself will be holding its own in-game New Year’s Eve event for the globe’s various time zones, with dataminers having discovered files making reference to NYE-themed content about a couple of weeks back.

So, whether folks decide to tune into Ninja’s New Year’s Eve live stream or simply play Fortnite themselves, it looks as if there’s plenty of options available for fans of the game to ring in the New Year with the wildly successful Battle Royale release. Without a doubt, there were plenty of big changes and updates that took place this year, and it’s safe to presume that even more surprises are in store for 2019.

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