The Fallout 3 Remake Mod Is Happening

The Capital Wasteland Project, a mod remaking 3 inside 4, has been un-canceled. And it’s going to feature an all new cast of voice actors.

The project’s lead developer had previously given up on it after Bethesda told him he couldn’t re-use audio from the third game. The team has now decided to re-record all of the dialogue themselves.

“For myself after working for hundreds of hours on this project and then having to stop really made me depressed. Something I had an extreme passion for was suddenly not there anymore. So after taking a few months break, I slowly picked up the pieces and continued my work on the Capital Wasteland,” the project’s co-lead explained on the Capital Wasteland blog.

The Fallout 3 Remake Mod Is Happening
Capital Wasteland

“With the help of our voice acting lead Unoctium we are working towards re-voicing the lines from Fallout 3. This is a very big undertaking as there are approximately 45,000 voice lines in Fallout 3. We are looking for people to join our team; as of right now we only have a handful of people working on this project.”

In addition to voice actors, the team are also keen to recruit level designers, 3D artists, 2D artists, animators, environment artists and VFX artists. Note that this is a free mod so contributors wont be paid. If you’d like to take part, you can get in contact with the developers here.


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