Snack on these and it’ll make you smarter

PARENTS are being urged to follow in their children’s footsteps and introduce a “brain snack” to their diets.

Nutrition Australia Queensland Dietitian Nicole Bentley said with everyone turning their minds to healthy habits for the new year it was the perfect time to introduce the “achievable” goal of having a piece of fruit or some vegetables for a morning or afternoon snack.

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“It’s a great initiative that has been embraced within Queensland schools and is a really nice eating habit for parents to role model,” she said.

“Instead of focusing on weight loss and cutting foods out this is a great habit that is easy to achieve while also improving your health.”

Boondall mum of two Michelle Deam said she found being organised was the key to making sure the family had their healthy snacks.

“I try to be organised with them as much a possible. At the moment I’ve found it easier for all of us to have chopped fruit and vegies on hand,” she said.

“I find that if it is already prepared and nicely presented they tend to eat it.

“The kids help me to do that because I want them to be eating the healthy snacks so I eat it as well, which gets me into a nice healthy habit.”


Carrot sticks

Cherry tomatoes

Capsicum strips

An apple

A pear

A handful of strawberries

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