Every IGN Resident Evil Review

Twenty-two years ago the world first met Jill Valentine, AKA the Master of Unlocking, when Evil made its debut and changed the face of survival horror gaming. Now, finally, in 2019 we’re getting the long-awaited sequel, Resident Evil 2, this week! I wonder what took them so… wait, I’m being told there’ve actually been nine games and a ton of spinoffs, and has reviewed pretty much all of them. (It’s a good thing we were founded mere months after the first game came out!)

Here, for the historical record, are all of IGN’s Resident Evil reviews, which range from 2016’s predictably terrible Umbrella Corps to the series high of the still-revered Resident Evil 4. Now that you know what we thought of them at the time they came out, give us your opinion: Which ones stick out in your mind as the most terrifyingly great and the most terrifyingly worst?

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