Silicon Valley: investments in VR decreased by 81%.

When things go wrong in Silicon , it’s a pretty bad sign. From this perspective, VR may not have the bright future we imagined it would have: the industry is in decline,  in VR startups fell by 81%.

Virtual reality is no longer very popular in California. Start-ups seem to be abandoning the industry and the figures speak for themselves: investments in terms of virtual and augmented reality fell by 81% last year. Many companies have closed down or had to make many layoffs.

samsung odyssey plus 12

We must not draw quick conclusions. Virtual reality is a technology with multiple applications and some of them, with professional orientations, have found their way. For example, the medical use of VR. And on the consumer side, sales of headsets and related hardware are up, thanks to cheaper alternatives such as Oculus Go, which do not require a connection to a computer or smartphone. Nonetheless, the confidence of investors seems to be flagging?. Perhaps VR is just not returning on investments quickly enough. Has there been too much marketing around a technology that is not yet mature?

Unfortunately, VR has yet to surmount its long-standing hurdle: users are needed to obtain funds to develop the technology, and technology must evolve to attract users. The nausea problem must also be solved so that the user can fully enjoy their purchase.

How do you see the future of VR? Will 2019 be the year it goes more mainstream, or will it wither away like 3D TV?

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