Nokia unveils its Android Pie Upgrade Plan

The long-awaited 9 Pie upgrade is coming to more Nokia devices. Juho Sarvikas, Product Director of HMD Global, the company in charge of and marketing mobile devices for the Finnish manufacturer, has unveiled the upgrade schedule for the coming months.

At a time when the appearance of Android Q seems to be approaching ever quicker, a significant number of smartphones have not yet received the update to the previous version of the operating system. The lack of Android Pie seems to be one of the objectives of Nokia, which has proposed a of updates for numerous devices from its line of smartphones.

In this respect, Nokia seems to have a certain advantage over its competitors by having based the operating system of its devices on Android One, which presents the company with fewer elements to adapt with each update. Now, the Finnish manufacturer seems to be making use of its advantage with an Android 9.0 upgrade plan, which had already started rolling over the last few months of last year and will continue until the second quarter of 2019.

In an email sent to press, HMD Global executive Juho Sarvikas presented estimated dates for updating several models. On Twitter, Sarvikas recalls that, at the time, the Finnish brand was the fastest to change its entire range to Android Oreo, and argues that it expects an even faster change for this new version.

2019 01 23 nokia updates android Pie
Nokia has published a complete list with the expected updates for Android Pie on its devices. / © HMD Global

So far, the Nokia smartphones that have received the Android 9.0 Pie update total eight, with the Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco as the most recent additions earlier this month. Now, updates for the Nokia 5 and 3.1 Plus are expected at the end of January, while the Nokia 6, 5.1, 3.1 and 2.1 would receive Pie before the end of this quarter. The last ones in the queue are the Nokia 3 and 1, whose updates will arrive at the beginning of next quarter.


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