YouTube TV finally goes nationwide almost two years after launch

TV is finally nearing availability. The streaming TV service was announced in February 2017, and it has been gradually rolling out to additional markets since its official . says the top 100 US markets already have access to TV. But today, the company is announcing another significant expansion: 95 more markets are being added effective immediately, which is enough to cover “98 percent of US households” when combined with areas where the service is already available. claims the remaining markets necessary for true nationwide coverage will be coming soon afterward.

“That’s exciting news for living rooms, cord cutters, and cord-nevers from Bozeman to Gainesville, Anchorage to Yuma, and Erie to Topeka,” YouTube TV program manager Ben Moores wrote in a blog post.

But there’s one downside to this availability expansion: not all markets will be able to stream all four of the major broadcasters: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. YouTube says all YouTube TV markets will have live-streaming access to at least three out of the four. I counted 19 markets out of 195 where one of the four broadcasters is unavailable, so customers in most regions (over 90 percent of YTV markets) will still be getting all of them. “That means: more game-winners from the hometown favorite, more breaking news and stories you need to know, and a more relevant TV experience,” Moores said. Availability of the four big broadcast networks varies across other internet TV services depending on service area. Using an antenna is one workaround if you’re left without any of them.

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