Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Save Your Game

To make things easier, save points are actually marked on the mini-map in the top right corner of the screen. They’re usually accompanied by a Moogle Shop, so players can restock their inventory before saving their game and make themselves better prepared when they’re ready to continue their adventure across the various Disney worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3.

kingdom hearts 3 save pointSomething that Kingdom Hearts 3 players may want to consider is having multiple save slots, especially as they near the end of the game. This way they can be sure to avoid any points of no return and go back through the worlds to collect anything they may have missed on their initial playthrough. This could include things like the Golden Hercules figures at Olympus and other collectibles in the game.
The primary collectible in Kingdom Hearts 3 are the Lucky Emblems that are hidden throughout the game worlds. Some of these Lucky Emblems are rather hard to spot, but luckily Donald and Goofy often point them out when they’re nearby. Players can use these audio clues to locate the exact location of the Lucky Emblems. 

At any rate, knowing how to save is integral for anyone who hopes to get through Kingdom Hearts 3, as it is arguably the biggest game in the series to .

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